Sports Management

The world of sports and entertainment has become a world of big business.  This is true both for sports and entertainment businesses whose ability to compete on the field or the stage is dependent on their ability to generate revenues and compete in the business world and for businesses in other industries increasingly looking to sponsorship opportunities as a means to advertise their products and services.  As the complexity – and the stakes – of the business of sports and entertainment continue to grow, we believe that so too does the need for sophisticated counseling with a deep understanding of the issues that matter to you, the experience necessary to effectively and efficiently help you achieve your goals and a track record of delivering results for our clients on the matters that mean the most to them.

Contract, Endorsement and Celebrity Representation Consultancy 

We have substantial expertise in drafting and negotiating contracts for our sports clients, including television contracts, naming rights and sponsorship agreements and player contracts.  We also have handled several endorsement deals, including representations of both athletes and celebrities and the companies hiring them to endorse their products or services.  Our consultation for athletes and other celebrities also extends beyond contractual and endorsement representations and includes advice in connection with a whole spectrum of legal and business matters.